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Greenapple (2015)

Updated: Jul 25

Building Blocks

Project 1:

  • Pineapple (Unknown Emerald Triangle Breeder)

  • 16-26% THC, 1% CBD. (Ed Rosenthal Super Bud pheno). Sativa.

  • Green Crack (Oregon Green Seed)

  • 17% THC. (Skunk #1 x Unknown) Indica dom. pheno.


Project 1: Vintage 2015

- Pineapple x Green Crack #1, #2, #2.5, #3 (F1)

Pineapple: Summertime Fruity Giggles

Summer 2015. Purple, greasy buds that were large, round, and dense. The flavor and smell profile was Pineapple Jarritos in every way. The effects were uplifting and euphoric. It was a go to morning smoke, but also one for socializing anytime.

After smoking that batch of bud it was decided Pineapple was the favorite fruity strain. Intent on growing the strain, around 100 seeds were procured. The seeds were likely from an indoor grow where the lights stayed on for 24 hours straight at least once, perhaps feminizing them. For that likely reason, all the seeds sprouted into female plants. Unable to cross the Pineapple to itself, the plan was then to find a suitable male in time for pollination.

After making notes on the different phenotypes, of which there appeared to be 3 distinct varieties, the undesirable and unnecessary plants were culled. Four varieties were selected; #1, #2, #2.5 and #3. #1 was overall a winner, although not purple. #2 was super purple with huge buds, but not as resinous. #2.5 was similar to #2, with more spindly bud strucure. And #3 exhibited lime green buds with red hairs, smaller buds, but very tropical flavor and smell.

The Original Pineapple (2015)

Greencrack: Mango Spicy Buzz

The Greencrack was sourced from the online seed store Oregon Green Seed. This Greencrack was grown several times indoors and out and that experience was utilized to select a male with unusual stress tolerance, tight nodal structure, and strong scent of mango and pepper.

Pineapple x Green Crack #1:

Skunky. Dank. Dense. Silver, red and army green colors. Complex peppery ripe fruit flavor. Strong Sativa effects.

Pineapple #1 female swollen with seeds (PxGC #1) before harvest. (2015)

Pineapple #2 female swollen with seeds (PxGC #2). (2015)

Pineapple #3 female swollen with seeds (PxGC #3). (2015)

PxGC #1 seed. (2015)

PxGC #1 grown in Klamath Falls. End of September 2017.

PxGC #1 grown in Klamath Falls. End of September 2017.


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